K-12 education will continue to undergo a major transformation over the next decade. From rapid advancements in technology and changes in pedagogy to aging buildings and escalating costs, school districts will have their work cut out for them.

Which is why we created the K12 Facilities Forum, a collaborative retreat to explore the future of education through the lens of facilities planning, design, construction and operations.

Now in its fourth year, this invite-only gathering brings together the sharpest minds in school facilities and operations in a laid-back setting for 3 days of knowledge exchange and networking.

This report summarizes the innovations and ideas exchanged at the 2018 K12 Facilities Forum.

Topics explored in the report:

  • A Superintendent’s Insights on the Future of Learning Spaces
  • Innovating the Master Planning Process
  • Enhancing School Security
  • Designing Classrooms for Collaboration
  • Driving Deep Energy Savings
  • Advocating for Healthy Buildings
  • Reducing Risk on School Construction Projects

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Michael P. Owens

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Michael P. Owens is Co-Founder + Managing Partner of influence group, a leading producer of invite-only B2B events.

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