Personalized Learning: What Facilities Leaders Should Know

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As personalized learning rises in popularity, many school districts are eagerly adapting their educational models and classrooms around the concept. Though there’s not a universal definition, the basic premise is that...

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How Biophilic Design Benefits Students with Autism

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Most people intuitively understand the “why” behind biophilic design, which is the practice of incorporating nature into architecture. The idea that humans have a deeply ingrained attraction to the natural world...

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Active Shooter Preparation: The Role of School Facilities Leaders

In today’s unpredictable environment, K-12 facilities leaders are under growing pressure to balance top-notch security with design principles that nurture learning. Preparing for the threat of an active shooter is now a priority for all school...

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Why Schools Should add Makerspaces and Support a Maker Culture

“Tinkering around” isn’t what it used to be. The maker movement is picking up steam in the education world (no pun intended!), with makerspaces defined as creative prototyping workspaces where students can experiment, create, learn, and share...

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Tackling Water Safety in School Buildings

The role that facilities leaders play in ensuring safe drinking water in schools can’t be overstated in importance.  The quality of a school district’s water treatment program affects the safety, health, and comfort of students and staff, not to...

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P3s, Prefab & More: Creative Ways to Get Schools Built

Whether it’s managing risk, obtaining funding, or dealing with escalation, there are numerous challenges that arise in the process of delivering 21st-century learning environments. However, out of these challenges rise some of the best creative...

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The Nation's First Net-Zero Energy School

One might guess that the nation’s first net-zero energy K-12 school is located in Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, or perhaps New York City. However, the first school to achieve full-scale net-zero status is located in the heart of the rural...

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Designing Healthier Schools with the WELL Building Standard

With the growing recognition that student learning and well-being is closely tied to the built environment, school districts are under pressure to address gaps in current building features and operations.

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Charting the Path to a Successful School Bond Election

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